Isolated Snow

Isolated Snow | 365 Project | Jan 18th, 2013

As I left the house this morning, the air was remarkably still and a thin layer of frost was clinging to every exposed surface. The fog in the air quickly condensed onto my windproof fleece and froze, my moving through the air speeding up the process.

As I started riding down Harrison Street towards Ladd's addition, I noticed a stark transition where the frost thickened into a white layer that covered everything. I don't know if it was actually snow, or just the heaviest frost I've ever seen.

I pulled over on Ladd circle to campture this imge as I've always loved this "tunnel of trees. About 2 blocks outside Ladd's addition, the white layer dissipated. It was almost as if a brief snow storm only hit one 10 block area in SE Portland.