Bailey's Park


I've been taking Bailey to the local off-leash dog park a lot more lately and she's getting pretty familiar with it. There are a few spots that get a little muddy, and it took us a few visits before she decided to not barrel through standing water at full speed which necessitated a bath (or at least a rinse-off) after each return.

This Photo was made the same day as the Sunrise and Sunset I posted a few days ago.

Mercy and Remus


I met Mercy and her awesome dog Remus this week after having lunch with my good friend Shaun at Grand Central Bakery near his place on Fremont. While we were eating lunch, Mercy came in and let Remus hang out near the door. A dog this big attracts a lot of attention, and it was great to watch as he handled all the attention like a champ. He did turn away from a guy who was trying to take his picture, almost as if to say "Hey man, I don't even know you and you're trying to take my picture?"

We caught up with them a couple blocks away and learned that this big guy is just 1 year old!