Frozen Waterfall Throwback


Now that we've officially moved into winter here in the pacific Northwest, I thought it appropriate to post something a little more snow and winter themed.

This image was made on February 7th this year when the kids and I went out for an epic day in the ice covered Columbia River Gorge. We hiked into Elowah falls that day and stopped at Horsetail and Multnomah on the way home. The hike was awesome, with nearly 2 feet of powder covering the trail. This is the thickest I've seen the ice, but I've heard about it getting even more frozen when the cold lasts longer. We've been out and seen some mild freezing over the last couple months, but I'm hoping for a good cold stretch in the new year.

Multnomah Falls can feel a bit pedestrian because of the large crowds and paved trail, but lest you forget about the power of nature, take a look at the bridge closely. It was shut down for a few months earlier this year when a falling rock took out a large chunk of it. It's fixed now, but I love that this image has that detail.

I also have an 12x18" print of this one I've been needing to get up on a wall.

Ending the Fall


This is another of my favorite waterfalls to visit when the temperatures plummet. Horsetail falls ends in a beautiful, clear pool right next to the Historic Columbia river Highway just a mile or so East of Multnomah falls. There's a heavy mist most of the year here, but when things are this cold, it slows down a bit and only flares up every minute or so.

If it's icy on the road, be careful in the parking lot as there's a little bit of a grade and all the 2wd cars have a rough time getting back out.