Late Spring Light


One of the things I love most about shooting with film is the wait. I didn't really wait to develop this film 6 months, but have been sharing the images from these couple rolls slowly. I've had these scans for a couple months now. Certainly, it's nice to have a little window to a warmer day when it's just above freezing out.

Jonsrud Wildflower


As I've mentioned here before, Jonsrud point is one of my favorite places at sunrise. This particular morning the view out toward the mountain was a bust, but I hung around for a good hour afterward and as the sun broke over the top of the clouds, everything lit up in Oregon Summer Sunrise light. This iimage is from my latest couple rolls of film from my Hasselblad.

I'm not sure what species of flower this is, and not for a lack of Googling. If you know, enlighten us in the comments!