Jonsrud Wildflower


As I've mentioned here before, Jonsrud point is one of my favorite places at sunrise. This particular morning the view out toward the mountain was a bust, but I hung around for a good hour afterward and as the sun broke over the top of the clouds, everything lit up in Oregon Summer Sunrise light. This iimage is from my latest couple rolls of film from my Hasselblad.

I'm not sure what species of flower this is, and not for a lack of Googling. If you know, enlighten us in the comments!

The Upper Falls of Multnomah Creek


This is a 91 Megapixel pano made from 17 images. Here's a peek at the detail


The kids and I hiked up past the upper observatory deck of Multnomah Falls to see the two waterfalls that most visitors never see. Dutchman falls is a smaller cascade over a mound of basalt chunks and then a gentle pour from the pull beneath. There's been a log in front of the falls for a couple years now, but hey, that's nature.

There's nothing quite like the view through a Hasselblad viewfinder. The kids and I took turns framing things up. I'll share those shots when I get them developed.


This is a 76megapixel pano made from 22 images. Click here for a peek at the detail


The trail continues to wind up into the forest, but not before a beautiful view of Weisendanger Falls. There are a bunch of logs to climb if you want to get right up near the falls, but it's pretty easy even for my 7 year old. Weisendanger can fluctuate quite a bit, and this photo shows it at a particularly light flow. I'm looking forward to coming back once the rains start up again and we get more snow pack.