St Johns Pano




You may notice that I posted another version of this same scene a few weeks ago taken on film with my Hasselblad. I find the basic color profiles so different and wonder how much of it is due to the film choice (Ektar 100) and/ or metering.

I didn't really fiddle with the colors much on either and the Sony is pretty much spot on, though perhaps just a little punchier due to some basic curves adjustments. The film shot however, has a noticeable orange and aqua cast with some reddish pink in the highlights.

I really need to work through the color thing on my film work so that I understand it and can consistently come in where I want it. That's one area where digital is a lot more straightforward at least for me.



I made a quick stop at Cathedral Park this afternoon and met MaryLou who said hi and immediately asked if I'd take her picture. She let me know that she spends a lot of time in the park feeding the birds and that she recently got out of a relationship with someone who hurt her badly.

We talked for a few minutes before she packed up her things and headed down to the waterfront and I headed back to my office. I asked if she would mind me putting her photo on my site and she said that she loved the idea and hoped that I'd let people know that its important to look out for yourself and stay away from people who hurt you.