My name is Dan Hawk and I make photos, post them here and write both here and over at gotakepictures.net

I live in Portland OR and I'm a Husband, Father, Banker, Musician, Photographer, Cyclist and Apple fan

I get pretty nerdy about User Interface and User Experience …especially for someone who doesn’t make a living obsessing about such things.  

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Image Usage

All of the images contained within this website, danhawk.com, are property of Dan Hawk unless I've indicated otherwise. These images are available free of charge for you to use as a desktop on your personal computer or mobile device. Commercial licensing is available upon request. Please write with any inquiries.

If you would like to share these images via your personal site or social network I kindly ask that you give credit and link directly to either the post the image was taken from or to the main website danhawk.com. Please do not re-post full resolution desktop images anywhere without permission. If you would like to use an image for any other purpose, such as a background on your website or blog, please contact me to ask first.