Christensen Baby Celebration

This afternoon we gathered with our friends Jen and Blaine Christenson to celebrate the coming arrival of their baby boy. It was the perfect hot summer day, with a breeze, good food, friends and family of all ages. I'm so excited for this huge blessing. Their story just keeps getting better and better!

Welcoming the Morning

I spent last Sunday with my daughter up at Mt. Tabor and I love this image made just as the sun came up over the top of the grassy field at the summit.

I've been a morning person for as long as I can remember. Even as a teenager I wasn't adept at sleeping in and usually if I'm not out of bed by around 7 at the latest it ruins my morning. Perhaps that's why all three of my kids have an internal 6 am alarm.

For quite awhile, I've been fascinated by the difference in the internal clock from person-to-person. With basic browsing, it's easy to find scientific stuff to reinforce that it isn't just genetic and is instead far more connected to environment and behavior. But that doesn't mean I've been able to talk my wife into an earlier wakeup or my kids into later.



I've long found myself to be a creature of habit. I've worn it like a badge and I love any discussion about the morning routine or daily habits of others because it gives me some insight into what they find important. - What they find important enough to include at the start of every day before encountering the inevitable unexpected detour.

I've gone through periods of introspection over the years- I've made commitments to form new habits, and shun others as it really does have an effect on the rest of my life.

As with everything else we commit to, you have to start somewhere, and each day we get a chance to pick where that somewhere will be.

Hawk Family Beach Trip

My parents and sister came up for a week from Arizona and we headed out to the coast for a long weekend. We don't see them as often as we'd like, so this weekend was long overdue.

Wednesday Weekend Shoot

I had a chance to meet up with the updated lineup for Wednesday Weekend. As you can see, these photos weren't taken yesterday, but back in March around the Mt. Tabor resevoir. We almost didn't meet that day as the rain was clearly on the way.

A typical Oregon downpour started up just 10 minutes after I snapped the last frame.