2013 Favorite Images


I finished my first 365 Project on October 1st which means there's a lot to choose from. I've narrowed it down to these. You can click or tap on each photo to view them full-screen. Thanks for following along this year!


Blue Eyed Girl | November 5th

Spray Park | July 11th

Emily Hawk, Christmas Tree Hunter | Dec 8th

Oceanside Sunset | October 21st

Ready for a Spaceship Ride | October 18th

Portland Rain is Back | September 28th

Shaun Desert- Alvord Salt Flats | Sept 20th

Artificial Pile | Alvord Playa | September 20th

Morning Reflection | September 21st

Van Life- Mann Lake | September 20th

Sticks | Fish Lake | September 19th

Start 'Em Early | August 28th

Overcast | August 9th

13 years | August 12th

Looking For a Pool | June 29th

Creative Amplification | E. Hawthorne | August 1st

Faces | July 19th

Growing by Sun | July 20th

Wild West Girl | July 18th

Blowin' Bubbles | July 4th

Give Me a Hug | September 8th

Ice Cream Smile | June 22nd

Licking the Spoon | June 9th

Courter | June 5th

Last Beams | June 4th

Ka-Nee-Tah Sunset | May 26th

New Face | May 26th

That's An Instrument? | May 23rd

Footwork | May 18th

Staged | May 6th

Climbing | April 28th

Haleakala Sunrise | April 21st

Tiki | April 21st

Beach Reflection | Ka'anapali, Maui | April 23rd

5 Years | April 2nd

Wednesday Weekend | April 4th

Pots | March 29th

Steam Clean | March 14th

His Middle Name is Noble | Feb 24th

Denver 16th St Mall | Feb 19th

Smeared Steel Bridge | Jan 31st

Breaking Through | January 13th

Overpass | Feb 5th

Tea House Shaun | January 17th


Sizing It Up | November 9th


Isolated Snow | January 18th

Wahclella Falls | March 4th

Steens Mts. and The Alvord Desert


Shaun and I just returned from a trip to the Steens Mts and the Alvord Desert. Though we've both been to the Steens a dozen times over the past 20 years, neither of us had ventured down to the Alvord Desert so easily visible from the summit.

We spent the first, very cold night at Fish Lake. After that we packed up and headed to the top where we hiked in to our usual spot and camped next to Wildhorse Lake. The next day we packed up, hiked out and headed down the mountain to drive around to the desert side.

There's a great place to stop for a burger and a milshake called the Fields Station. The cook there talked us out of the double burgers thankfully.

We stopped mid afternoon for a soak at the Alvord hot springs and were soon joined by a whole crew of guys who had just ridden quads over from Bend on dirt roads.

After that, we headed to Mann lake to camp for the night. We met a fisherman from Bend named Steve, who was camping in the most awesome Dodge camper van decorated with pink flamingos and violet lights. We shared some great stories and some of his smoked salmon. It was a very windy night and we likely slept better than he did as the wind shook his van pretty steadily through the night.

The next morning after a beautiful sunrise, we headed back across the state. Amazing trip, new adventures and a few things to revisit for sure.


Reading with Dr. G


We had a fantastic Sunday. Attended the worship service at Imago Dei Community and saw lots of good friends, met up at Russel St BBQ with some of them for lunch and then spent the evening at the Hotchkiss's house to listen to Dr. Garry Friesen read a couple chapters of The Magician's Nephew.



Reading with Dr. G | 365 Project | September 15th, 2013 | 24mm, f/1.8, ISO 100, 1/20

Burning off Energy | 24mm, f/3.2, ISO 800, 1/400

The Last Bloom | 24mm, f/1.8, ISO 800, 1/160