Weight Loss Update Week 21- Pizza is my Nemesis


Here are my measurements for today and from 2 weeks ago:

9-22 Weight 195 Waist 43 Chest 45 Hips 42 Neck 16.25 R Bicep 12.25 L bicep. 12.25 R Thigh. 25.25 L thigh 25.25

10-6 Weight 198.4 Waist 42.5 Chest 44.5 Hips 42 Neck 16.25 R Bicep 12 L bicep. 12 R Thigh. 25.25 L thigh 25.25

I'm still making some small progress in terms of measurements, but unfortunately, weight has kind of leveled out again. My weight is higher today, but it was at 194.2 earlier this week and 194 last week. I have noticed (and so has my wife) that my arms and chest have gained some definition and my clothes are continuing to fit differently.

All of that leaves me with a desire to push even harder. I'm still about 15-16 pounds away from my original goal and I'm even more convinced that I'm not quite to where I need to be in terms of discipline. In other words, I still let food be in-charge more often than I'd like. Yesterday was a prime example. I had a great workout, breakfast, and mid morning meal, but then a friend asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him. My lunch was something that seemed like a decent choice, but untimately, was probably 50-70% higher in calories than I should have had. After that, we had pizza for dinner, and I ate more pieces than I should have.

As I've said before, I really love food especially Pizza.

So, here is my commitment for this coming week. I will start tracking calories again using myfitnesspal.com and my focus will be on mindfulness regarding the foods I'm choosing and why.

One more thing- Though things have slowed down lately, and I haven't seemed quite as fired up over the past few weeks, I'm feeling great and am continuously reminded of how good this move has been for me by my ill-fitting clothes.