Favorites of 2011

Favorite things this year- 1. My kids are starting to really understand the concept of God.

Basically, I'm just thrilled that the basics are starting to sink in. Now let me be clear that the execution of this truth in their lives is still to be seen, but they are beginning to see the eternal as reality.

2. Tweetbot is the absolute best twitter app on the iPhone. Just try it.

3. Reeder for iPad.

I've learned to really like using an RSS reader the last few months. I don't know what made it stick this time as it isn't the first time I've tried. Perhaps its the easy management of what is still unread, what I don't want to read and what I want to save for later. Also, the actual reading interface is beautiful.

4.  Music.  There are a few so I'll put them all together here.

5. Macbook Pro 15" with OS X Lion.

Sad that there are rumors that it'll be outdated in another month or so, but it is such a huge step up from my 2006 Black Macbook. I don't know that there is a more powerful notebook available.

6. iPad 2

I bring this one with me daily.  It has been reviewed thoroughly in many places so I won't do it again.  It does just about everything.

7. iPhone 4S

Siri, the upgraded camera and the faster processor. Enough said.

8. Patagonia Merino Cardigan

I've been a big Patagonia fan for a long time. I actually went down to the local Patagonia store a few weeks before to see which of the different wool Cardigans I really liked the most. Lambswool, Cashmere or Merino. It was just no contest. My Dad picked this up for me as an early Christmas gift.  I have worn it for some portion of everyday since I got it.  So warm, but never too hot.  I absolutely love Merino wool.  If you are wondering why, Here is my review of another Merino piece a while back.

9. My son's Lego Millenium Falcon

I love Lego.  I get to live vicariously through the building expoloits of my sons.  We went in with my folks to get him his dream Lego kit this year for his birthday.  It. Is. Awesome.

10. Movies-

  • Limitless-  I walked away from this one thinking of all sorts of possibilities.
  • Super8- This just tapped into so many great thoughts and is an example of great filmmaking.
  • Bridesmaids- Kristen Wiig is amazing.

11.  Last, but certainly not least, This year was my 11 year anniversary with Emily.  I'm happy to say that this is the best year of our marriage so far.

Hoping for a fantastic 2012!