Weight Loss Update Week 16

This past couple weeks has been more about maintenance and trying not to lose ground even with crazy circumstances. As you can see from the photos this past week, I was backpacking last Saturday through Tuesday. It’s always a bit of a challenge just making sure you get enough water, and fuel when you are away from civilization like we were.

At my last update on the 18th I was 199.6. Last Saturday before leaving town, I came it at 197.6. Wednesday morning after getting home, it was 203.4. By the next morning, I’d dropped back to 197.8. I’m pretty sure it was water weight as the first shower I took, my fingers shriveled up like prunes because they were so dry. Basically, your body hangs onto any extra water you can get when you aren’t drinking enough.

I put a couple pounds back on this week and weighed in at 199 yesterday morning. Honestly, I just stuck with a more carb heavy diet after all the dried camp food. I feel like I’m back to an equalibrium.

I’m planning to really go at it this week and get back on track. I’m hoping to lose another 10 pounds before the end of September- More if I can, but 10 at the least. I had a goal of hitting 180 lbs by that date, but I’m a little behind.

I also have really noticed some changes in my body, from a composition sense. I’ve lost a lot of fat from my core torso area and have gained muscle that I can feel. I’ve been surprised when I’ve scratched my arms and side, by how firm things are feeling.

One last thing. I’ve really need to get some clothes altered and in some cases, just start replacing things. Not a bad feeling, Not bad at all.