Weight Loss Update January 26th 2013

Yesterday is the first day I've broken out the measuring tape and surveyed the damage in over a month. Looking back on my weight from this Dec 8th, I'm pretty close, so it's not too surprising that the measurements are the same too.

My current weight as of yesterday is 202.2, which is just a hair under the 203.8 of last Thursday which will have to suffice, as I wasn't home to do the normal routine and measurements on Saturday.

I've gotten into a good routine the past couple weeks and it feels quite a bit like the really productive season I had last summer when the pounds and the lethargy just seemed to disappear daily. I think that the single most defining piece of my routine is probably remembering to drink enough water. When I do, I don't find myself craving food as often.

I'm handily winning the office weight loss challenge for the time being, but I've got some great, disciplined coworkers so I'm not planning on letting off on the intensity.

Short this time around, but I'm guessing that's due to the simplicity of what is needed. When I do what I know to do, this just works.