Soligor 75-205mm

Blood Moon Time Lapse

I was in Hawaii in April for the last Bloodmoon and we only got tiny glimpses of it throught he clouds over West Maui Mountain. I took a couple photos from the Condo balcony, but nothing worth sharing.

When I heard recently that there was another one happening, I put it on my calendar and hoped for clear skies. It worked out perfectly and there was even a little cloud cover that rolled in just as the eclipse ended making it look like the Moon was burning up coming into the atmosphere.

Luckily, both of my boys woke up one right after the other and I brought them outside to see it.

Technical notes:

I used the Sony Timelapse app set to individual images 5 seconds apart for 30 minutes. Time Lapse created on my Mac and then tweaked a little in iMovie. 205mm, cropped just slightly for framing.