Between a Shadow and the Truth




I love afternoon light in the winter. I'm not saying we get a lot of it that isn't blocked, or made dull by overcast skies, but on the days that it shows its face, I have a really hard time not taking an outside lunch and largely skipping the opportunity to sit down and eat. Today was one of those days.

On this one, I had a quick taco, a cup of coffee and found two huge books at Good Will that I just had to bring home. One is a beautiful book on the Steens Mountains which is my favorite place. The other is an astronomy book that I brought home for my sons. They were impressed by its sheer size though that same feature made my wife raise an eyebrow.

Long Shadows Desktop

I'm pretty lucky to be out and about on my bike during the prime hours at each end of most days. This image is an example of a scene that I come across many, many mornings of each year. Right now, it is a little dreary and gray in the mornings and dark by the time I head home. I miss it, but there is a season for everything and the image from yesterday is a great example especially when compared to this one.

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