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From the Edge of the Earth- iPhone Wallpaper


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I've been slowly rolling out images from our trip to Maui in April and this is one I keep pausing to look at over and over. I love the texture in the waves, the dark tones and the reflected color as the last light of day recedes down past the edge of the earth.

This one is a perfect fit for the iPhone.

In case you forgot, click on the link just below the photo. You can then either right click, or press and hold on the image to save it.

Early Dusk Desktop Wallpaper


I haven't posted a desktop in awhile, but I want this one on my own screens. If you click the link to download the iPad version, you'll probably notice that it's actually a different image. The larger one didn't crop quite right, but I had another that did.

To download and use these, just click on the link below the image and then save it. The Mobile iOS versions are sized to work with the Parallax feature. If you're using an iPhone 6 or older, then you'll need to pinch and drag to set it how you like it. Thanks to John Carey for doing the research.

Also, I just updated the desktop version and it is now compatible with the 5k iMac.


Early Dusk | 24mm, f/2.2, ISO 100, 1/160

Downloads | 5k Desktop |iOS/Mobile

Long Shadows Desktop

I'm pretty lucky to be out and about on my bike during the prime hours at each end of most days. This image is an example of a scene that I come across many, many mornings of each year. Right now, it is a little dreary and gray in the mornings and dark by the time I head home. I miss it, but there is a season for everything and the image from yesterday is a great example especially when compared to this one.

Downloads |  Desktop  |  iPad  |  iPhone

Downloads | Desktop | iPad | iPhone