New Facebook App for iPhone

I've been dissatisfied with the Facebook app for as long as I can remember. If you feel the same, here is some good news via The Verge.

Facebook today announced the culmination of more than six months of work, a native version of the Facebook app for iOS that's twice as fast. "Up until now we've looked at scale," iOS Product Manager Mick Johnson says, "but we've become aware that while we have a great mobile website, embedding HTML 5 inside an app isn't what people expect." Facebook for iOS 5.0 was built from the ground up using Apple's iOS SDK, and looks nearly identical to the old app, but bundles in very substantial speed improvements as well as an overdue Timeline profile view for iPad. The app update is set to roll out over the next few hours.

One of the best features is that the app now behaves the way that you expect an iPhone app to behave. It loads the structure, or containers for photos and text, and then the content shows up as it arrives from the servers. The HTML5 way, is frustrating to a lot of users because when content is slow to download it looks like the app is having problems.

Photos is the best new feature as they seem to load much faster and have a new lightroom-type presentation. I like it. I'm anxious to see if they've fixed all the dead links from within notifications.