Lightroom Mobile for iPhone

So, I'm not sure how cool this is gonna be, but I've loaded the Lightroom Mobile app onto my iPhone and it's currently syncing my camera roll to Lightroom on my Macbook and of course, Creative Cloud.

So, what I'm hoping this will help with is the loads of snapshots I take with my iPhone, but never remember to import into Lightroom.

I have the Photography plan which give you 20gb of cloud storage. I've avoided turning on and relying on Dropbox syncing for awhile simply because I still don't pay for my Dropbox. It's big enough due to referrals for my regular usage, but not quite big enough to sync all my photos - but this is enough dedicated space that I feel I can rely on it.

I'll update as I learn more about it. I'm hoping that it has some more cool features. I love the idea of having some of the great editing tools from Lightroom right there on my phone for quick edits.