In the Canyon

This is a 14 image 42.6 megapixel pano of the Wahclella Falls gorge near the Bonneville dam on the Columbia River. We try to get out here pretty regularly as it's a fairly easy hike with a nice loop through this canyon with a view of Wahclella falls at the apex. You can click the link under the photo to see a full size section up close.

I've mentioned (I think) that I got my hands on a Sony RX1r on New Years Day and have been carrying it daily along with a film camera. It has a similar sensor to the one on my Sony A7ii, but no anti-alias filter which I'm noticing produces greater detail overall.

I really like how this photo captures the energy in the river, the thin veiling of the undulating moisture in the air and the warmth of the winter sun cutting into this secluded space.