I Need to Read More

I just read this great list by Austin Kleon on reading books. So many that I need to adopt.

My favorites from the list:

2 . I will make an effort to carry a book with me at all times.

4 . I will read whatever the hell I feel like. No guilty pleasures.

14 . I will re-read favorite books the way I watch favorite movies and play favorite records over and over.

I've found it difficult to read as much as I'd like because there are so many other things taking up my time.

Playing with and caring for my kids, photo culling and processing, other reading...TV? Also, pretty overwhelming - We're in the first week of potty training a 9 week old puppy right now, which takes up most every free minute I have. I'm only writing at this moment because she's sleeping at my feet.

I'm usually guilty of half-assing multiple books simultaneously which is made even worse because they are all on my Kindle, so I'm always jumping back and forth and it takes way too long to finish anything. Current, non- finished stuff (and please don't take the non-finished status as a critique. I'm just a distracted and sporadic reader. These are all great so far!):

I also have a handful of paper books I'm working on. All three were gifts. The first two are photography books with great images, so they are better as physical books.

So, I should go read now...