Heavy Heart

Like so many other people today, my heart is really heavy. With the shooting here in the Portland area this week and now the shooting in Connecticut, I'm finding it hard to know what to think or even where to start.

Perhaps the part that seems most present is the need for our country, our government and ultimately we as citizens to ask how much murder we are willing to put up with in the name of freedom to own guns.

There has got to a be a better way. I grew up owning guns and hunting with my father. It is a time and experience that I cherish. Who I am was greatly affected by these experiences and time with my father. I don't quite know how to reconcile these things.

People argue about gun control all the time and I'm certainly no expert, but I'm thinking that there has to be some sort of balance and proper place for firearms without all this tragedy.

Whether I revisit this topic here or just in discussion with friends, family and myself, I'm not done.