Eliminating Daylight Savings Time

People are pretty opinionated about Daylight Savings Time. Much like extreme weather conditions, it starts conversations. It gives us a chance to high-five over warm sunny skies into the evening or commiserate in our disdain of overcast dark afternoons.

I'll start the conversation with my opinion. I hate Daylight Savings Time. I don't feel like the benefits are worth the hassle and the disruption twice a year.

What got me thinking about it? Well, of course the tired feeling that I'm dealing with today, the first day when I'm trying to stick to a regimented (read : work) schedule. Secondly, this article by Dr.Drang with his reasons why it's a good idea.

Go read his article. There's a great chart in the middle that shows the normal fluctuations without DST adjustments. His chart is for Chicago and there, the extremes are 4:15 to 7:29 on June 20th and 7:15 to 4:23 on Dec 21st. In other words, about a 3 hour swing.

What I find crazy is that here in Portland, we certainly have dark at nearly 4:45 in the winters, but we also have daylight until well after 9 pm in the summers. When I look at that chart, I actually feel like those times make sense. I know that there are all kinds of reasons for wanting more daylight, but I have no issue with it being dark in the evening and light earlier in the day. If you want to spend more time in the daylight, just get up earlier.

So, I signed a petition on the whitehouse.gov site asking to repeal Daylight Savings Time. Go check it out.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.