Does your Klean Kanteen Sport Top Squeak?

Sport Cap 3.0

Sport Cap 2.0

So, I posted a review of the Klean Kanteen Reflect water bottle and I'm still using it every day. A few days after I bought the bottle, I picked up a Sport Cap 2.0 as there are times when it's a lot handier to drink without unscrewing the lid.

It was convenient, but it was noisy. It makes a squeaky sound as air comes in through the valve. If you do a little asking around or snooping on the web, you'll see that this is a common thing. Your coworkers all look at you like you're crazy.

The good news is that they now have Sport Cap 3.0 available and it solves the noisiness and lets water come out even faster.

Also, it now has a silicone spout which feels better and wears better.

...and just like the old Sport cap, its only $4.95.

New Valve