Camping under the Milky Way

Crooked River Galaxy

Crooked River Galaxy


While my kids and I traveled to central Oregon to see the eclipse, I’m always looking for the Milkyway if I get away from city lights and this first night was no exception. We rolled into our friend’s property at about 11pm, but I didn’t crawl into my sleeping bag until nearly 2am.

To get the tent to glow, I've got a small Snowpeak lantern hanging from the ceiling of the tent on its lowet setting.

Painted Background


Going through the old catalog sometimes yields some winners. This is from a camping trip in Eastern Oregon back in 2008. We broke a few rules and camped out on the side of the road inside the painted hills.

It was early October and we had camped the previous night in the Strawberry hills in what started as 6" of snow but turned into 1.5' overnight. Because of this, it didn't seem too crazy when we camped in a tarp in the Painted Hills and it got down to 19°. I took this the following morning as we roamed the hills we'd only seen briefly the evening before.

Good times huh Aaron?