By the Lights of Harlow




When you increase the volume of photos as I have for this 365 project, you have to find time in your everyday because spectacular trips to amazing locations and perfect golden hour light are a little rare. So, what that means for me is lots of street photography on Hawthorne and the occasional trip downtown and around Portland. Thanks, lunch hour and coffee breaks.

I've also noticed 100% of the photos in this current project were taken with the Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8. It's a great lens and I'm getting used to the focal length. My perception of the 50ish focal length is framed within the APSC world of my previous cameras and while I loved the rendering quality and depth of field of the 50, I moved away from it becuase the field of view was just too tight. I did like the 24mm and the 35mm on the smaller sensor...which are like a 36mm and a 52mm.

So, it's not suprising that with the greater coverage of the full frame sensor, I'm digging this lens.