And This is Why I Choose Apple...

If you know me, you also know that I love Apple products. I've had every iPhone- most of them the first day available. Our home computers are Macs, and my kids each have one of our older, non-activated iPhones that they use for games and iMessage with grandparents.

Over the weekend my iPhone 5 started having some issues with the power button. Every third time or so, the button wouldn't register and I kept finding my phone still on, when I had tried to turn it off.

I set an appointment at the Genius Bar in the Apple store for this morning.

The Genius asked what was wrong, I showed him, he tried it, and without any questions said, "We'll just replace it. Wait here while I go get one."

Once I had the new one in my hands, it was restored to my iCloud backup from last night in about 10 minutes.

That easy.

Also, this isn't an isolated incident. Over the years I've had the same service with different devices...even once when it was my fault and they knew it.

This, Friends, is as good of a reason as I can think of to buy Apple.