A Full Ponytail


After looking through waterfall photos yesterday, I got inspired, started looking around at the work of others and decided to go back and finish some of my own images.

This is Upper Horsetail Falls, also known as Ponytail falls. I've been here many times, but had never gotten down to this area below the falls. As you can see, it is very full as we visted just a week or so after the big snow event in February.

Although I wasn't there really early, there are no hikers in this photo, which is pretty rare at this location as it's only a 10-15 minute hike from the road. Roger came with me and we had kids with us, so it wasn't particularly early. Not usually the best time for photographing these beautiful waterfalls, or avoiding the crowds. On this occasion however, it was still cold ehough to keep the crowds away and the cloud cover stuck around.

He brought his new DSLR and pinhole camera along and made this beautiful image