2013 Favorite Images


I finished my first 365 Project on October 1st which means there's a lot to choose from. I've narrowed it down to these. You can click or tap on each photo to view them full-screen. Thanks for following along this year!


Blue Eyed Girl | November 5th

Spray Park | July 11th

Emily Hawk, Christmas Tree Hunter | Dec 8th

Oceanside Sunset | October 21st

Ready for a Spaceship Ride | October 18th

Portland Rain is Back | September 28th

Shaun Desert- Alvord Salt Flats | Sept 20th

Artificial Pile | Alvord Playa | September 20th

Morning Reflection | September 21st

Van Life- Mann Lake | September 20th

Sticks | Fish Lake | September 19th

Start 'Em Early | August 28th

Overcast | August 9th

13 years | August 12th

Looking For a Pool | June 29th

Creative Amplification | E. Hawthorne | August 1st

Faces | July 19th

Growing by Sun | July 20th

Wild West Girl | July 18th

Blowin' Bubbles | July 4th

Give Me a Hug | September 8th

Ice Cream Smile | June 22nd

Licking the Spoon | June 9th

Courter | June 5th

Last Beams | June 4th

Ka-Nee-Tah Sunset | May 26th

New Face | May 26th

That's An Instrument? | May 23rd

Footwork | May 18th

Staged | May 6th

Climbing | April 28th

Haleakala Sunrise | April 21st

Tiki | April 21st

Beach Reflection | Ka'anapali, Maui | April 23rd

5 Years | April 2nd

Wednesday Weekend | April 4th

Pots | March 29th

Steam Clean | March 14th

His Middle Name is Noble | Feb 24th

Denver 16th St Mall | Feb 19th

Smeared Steel Bridge | Jan 31st

Breaking Through | January 13th

Overpass | Feb 5th

Tea House Shaun | January 17th


Sizing It Up | November 9th


Isolated Snow | January 18th

Wahclella Falls | March 4th