Changes To the Site

As of last night, I’ve moved to a new hosting platform called While that may not mean much to you, there are some changes that I should make you aware of.


Obviously there is a new site design. This is one of the main reasons I made the change. gives me a lot more flexibility to design the site to look best for you. I really like the treatment of images. Click on one of the photos on a newer post. Cool lightroom effect huh? I’ll be adding that to the older images over the next few weeks. There are also a ton of choices on fonts, size, spacing and alignment. I didn’t have that before and it always bugged me.

You’ll find all the posts right where you expect them, right here on the home page. There is a contact area, where you can drop me a quick note by sending an email or whatever sort of mesage you prefer on Twitter. I also have direct links right to Twitter and Facebook right in the header menu.


The About page has a new name, Colophon. It is an old word from the publishing world, that has been adopted by web publishing folks and it means-

A brief description of publication or production notes relevant to the edition…

It tells a little about the “Publisher” of this site.


Some of the older links, especially where they link back to my site, may have some issues. If you come across one, will you please let me know?

Wordpress Community

If you are part of the community, and have subscribed to my site in the reader portion of, this is for you. Because this site is no longer hosted on Wordpress, you won’t see any of my new content natively from your Wordpress login. If you would like to continue to subscribe to my new posts, you can either just plug the URL of my site into your favorite RSS reader, or you can subscribe by email here.  This will be the last post that shows up on Wordpress.

I appreciate the visits and the conversations. I hope that if you have enjoyed my posts or photos, that you’ll continue to follow along. I set up all the sites I follow on RSS and a couple of the photos sites on email so I'll still be following the Wordpress folks that I've come to know and love.

It has been a great run on Wordpress, and I’m excited for this next chapter and how I’m able to grow the site. Once again, thanks for visiting and reading!