Actionable Information or Dumb Entertainment

I've been poking away at reading this Article by Paul Miller on The Verge. He is taking a whole year off from the Internet and is submitting dispatches from his time away.

In retrospect, it’s easy to see what information turns out useless, and what’s worth my time. In Amusing Ourselves To Death, which I quote too often, Neil Postman differentiates between the medium of books, which are a sin to burn, and newspapers, which require violent disposal — otherwise we’d be buried under them. It’s disposable information vs. evergreen information. Another metric he offers is “actionable” information: is reading about a hurricane thousands of miles away going to influence my actions, say, in terms of donating to the Red Cross, or is it mere spectacle? Postman’s problem isn’t with dumb entertainment, it’s with dumb entertainment that masquerades as knowledge. Still, it can be hard to know which is which up front.