Weight Loss Update Week 6

Measurements 6-16 Weight 213.8 Waist 46.25 Chest 45.3875 Hips 44 Neck 16.75 R Bicep 12.5 L bicep. 12.875 R Thigh. 26.25 L thigh 26.75

6-23 Weight 210.8 Waist 46 Chest 45 Hips 43.75 Neck 16.75 R Bicep 12.5 L bicep. 12.25 R Thigh. 26.5 L thigh 26.75

Three Pounds lost. That's double my weekly goal, and yet I so wanted to break 210 for the week. I actually reached 210 on Friday morning, but Saturday is the weekly one that I count. Once again, I have good measurement change, so that is a real plus and it reminds me that even when weight is fluctuating daily, positive change is happening.

I mentioned a book in my update post last week and I've been using some of the tools and tactics that Chris Powell shares. I gave myself two weeks to try it out.

I said a few weeks back that I wasn't following a "diet plan" but was instead just using common sense. It feels a little weird to be trying something out that thas the feel of being a weight loss plan. It is complete with a list of foods you can't eat, portion guidelines, and even a free day. Now before you roll your eyes, hear me out.

Some of the stuff that he shares makes a lot of sense. It also seems to be working for me where other things haven't. Some of it is hard, and some of it just feels unsustainable long term.

The basics are that your body is a machine that needs fuel, but one that is "smart" and can adjust to pretty much anything that you do to it. If you eat lots of food, it will burn what it needs at a high metabolic rate and store the extra for a time when there isn't enough. Conversely, if you don't feed it enough and at the right times, it will learn to function with less by turning down the metabolism , but then store any extra it does get. You can use this survival instinct to your advantage. You can trick your body into thinking it has plenty of fuel right around the corner so it will go ahead and burn it without feeling like it needs to save.

I did a little research on the side just to make sure. It seems like this is pretty common with fitness gurus and body builders. Basically, what it means is that you should try to avoid a long-term low calorie situation and this is part of why increasing protein comsumption, free days, or free meals often seem to help. It tells your body that it will be getting more fuel and should ramp up the metabolic temperature.

I know that there isn't a lot that is inspriring here. I've tried to include something Iike that in each update, but I've got nothing right now and won't force it. It feels more like the slog in the middle of a long journey. I'm a data guy so I'm looking at all of it and trying to understand the science of what is happening and why it doesn't make sense sometimes.

More next week.