Weight Loss Update Week 5

Weight Loss Update Week 5. Measurements for this week vs. last week-


Weight 214.4 Waist 46.5 Chest 45.5 Hips 44.25 Neck 17 R Bicep 12.875 L bicep. 12.875 R Thigh. 26.25 L thigh 26.5

6–16 Weight 213.8 Waist 46.25 Chest 45.3875 Hips 44 Neck 16.75 R Bicep 12.5 L bicep. 12.875 R Thigh. 26.25 L thigh 26.75

Slow but steady progress. I was down to 212.6 on Wednesday, up a pound on Thursday to 213.6, and back to 212.6 Friday. Then, this morning, it was 213.8. I’ve had a few people tell me that it is best to only weigh your self once a week to avoid being discouraged by the ups and downs- the fluctuation that is bound to happen. Thus far, I’ve been sticking with daily weighing as I feel that if there are daily fluctuations, I’d at least like to have the data and understand why.

We have been watching Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition the past few weeks and it still blows my mind what people are capable of. The coach is a guy named Chris Powell and he seems pretty awesome. We were both wondering what sort of plan he puts his folks on as it obviously works. Emily picked up his book on Kindle this week- Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution. So far, it has given a little insight into the daily weight fluctuations. I had always been a little clueless to the question of how my body could gain or lose so much weight in one day even without significant changes in the raw volume of food that I eat. He says that the composition of what you eat- i.e. high in carbs, protein or sodium, can change what your metabolism does on a day-to-day basis. He basically talks about how it is important to change things up, including diet and exercise to keep your body off guard. When you let it in on your plan or routine, by being too consistent, it “learns” the new way and attempts to adjust to conserve energy and fat. He’s also is a big proponent of eating 5 meals a day with the reasoning that your body never goes into storage mode.

This is only a basic overview of the book and I intend to read the whole thing and share more.

I shared after my first week that I was feeling awesome and that is still true. I find myself waking up early, getting less sore, and having fewer headaches. I mentioned the measurements and I can also tell you that my clothes are all fitting looser.

I’ll take it.