Weekly Weight Loss Update- Week 4

So, I'm a few days into this week...It was a busy weekend and I just didn't get to the weekly update .   I had a slower weight loss week than the weeks previous.  That may or may not, have been partially responsible for the delay of this post.  Just saying. 214.6 was the number last week.  This Saturday I weighed in at 214.4, which is a very small change.  Looking through the weekly diet isn't really telling me much and I'm wondering if food is really the culprit.  I have had a much better week so far and I'm at 212.6.  My hunch, hypothesis or educated guess is water.  I've really been sticking to the higher water intake this week and it seems to be making a difference.

I've been trying to drink at least 5 27 oz water bottles full every day while I'm at work, and three glasses once I get home.  I didn't do as well last week and I think that it showed in my progress.  This week I've been visiting the bathroom more often.

I'm keeping this a little shorter as I plan on a more thorough update at the end of the week.

Total weight loss since the start- 14.8 pounds.  32.6 to go.