Weight Loss Week 2

So, the fast weight loss has slowed, but that was expected. As I mentioned last week, I lost 6.8 pounds. This week, I came it at 218.4 total. That’s another 2.2 pounds lost. I’ll keep this post a little shorter, but probably update with some thoughts about the process later this week as I’m at my Mom’s house for the holiday weekend. A couple quick things-

First of all, I am still feeling really encouraged by those of you that have reached out with support, stories or just an “Awesome!” or “Well Done!”

Secondly, I’m going for the long-term and as such, I’m getting help from a few tools and some philosophy. I’ll get into the philosophy more later this week, but I’d like to share a tool now.

Weightbot, by Tapbots is an iPhone app that can show you some great graphs to make it easier to track your progress and see when trends are changing. It gives this great projection of when you will reach your goal wieght based on your current weight loss trends. Here are a couple of screen shots.

Here’s pulling for another great week!