Purpose vs Reaction

It is noble to live a life of purpose in place of reaction. I’ve been pretty preoccupied with this idea lately.

There are exceptions. There are certainly edge cases and situations in life where there will be a need to make an unexpected reaction. I’m aware of this- but there is a difference between living in a state of reaction and living with purpose and specific intent. My pastor Luke Hendrix says it this way-

“He (Jesus) was deliberate and I believe very strategic, that is to say he was very tuned to his Father and his Father’s will.”

For me, this line of thinking started with a broader inspection of leaders, mentors and people that I respect. Most of them, to-a-“T” are people who seem to consistently take action based on principle and personal beliefs. I’ve learned over years of “leadership training” that we are supposed to discern between the urgent and the important, but I was wondering if there is a broader principle to zero-in-on.

In short, it seems that principled people spend their time on things that they believe to be important and distance themselves from things that they know are not. I think the difference is that these people are able to stay focused on what they know to be true and not be distracted by the agendas that others would impose.

There is always someone or something to keep you from doing what is really important. It’s probably you.

Living Deliberately. This seems like a rare discipline. One that I intelectually agree is important, but don’t remember to practice.

Ideas are crap without execution.