Bible App For Daily Reading

I've been a Christian for a lot of years and I've read through the bible a few times now. The one thing that has always been difficult has been staying on track in a way that gets me through in a set amount of time. Every time someone who is a believer gets a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch...or even an Android device, I always recommend the same bible app. It is simply called "Bible" and is produced by the folks at It is part of their YouVersion network and there is a version available on most phones and tablets.

Though I've been using the YouVersion bible app for at least 3 years, I just recently started using one of their reading plans. It has helped me stay on track for 43 days now. It has a few really great features that make it work really well for me.

  • Push notification alarm to remind you that it is time to read (I set mine for 6:30)
  • Check list that shows you what you will be reading today and when you are done.
  • Today's reading is presented uninterrupted so you can just turn the page to go to the next section. No looking for the next passage.
  • I highly recommend trying out this method for daily reading.