How Much Would You Pay for Your 'Free' Internet Services?

I have been watching the ranting and criticism that folks have been leveling at Google over the past few months, but I haven't felt compelled to join in the trend of moving away from their services. This article on Read Write Web encapsulates my thoughts pretty well.

They are still doing some pretty awesome stuff and almost all of it free to the user. Of course the question that folks are asking is whether we are paying too much with our private information.

If you follow me, you'll know that I'm not overly concerned with what's out there on the web connected to me. I gave up any semblance of internet privacy years ago when I was pursuing a music career. Google me and that much is clear. For me it is worth the trade off.

Is it worth it to you? Would you pay with cold-hard-cash instead of personal information for services like Facebook, Google search, Twitter, and email?