Apple OS X Mountain Lion

I think it came as a surprise to most everyone that Apple released a preview of the upcoming OS X mountain Li0n, the successor to the Lion operating system just released this past year. They rolled it out differently, and it is documented well in this post on Daring Fireball describing how Apple pulled in a handful of journalists for one-on-one media events.

Why not hold an event to announce Mountain Lion — or make the announcement on before talking to us?

That’s when Schiller tells me they’re doing some things differently now.

I'm especially interested in the evolution of iChat into Messages.  Now anyone with a Mac, who downloads the new Messages app can "text" with anyone that has an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  I also really like the simplification of, and unification of  apps which were previously wrapped in the calendar and email apps.  The to-do list is now its own app, as is Notes.  iCal has been renamed Calendar.

Now if they'll just fix that awful Address Book/Contacts  app and get a new Design going for Calendar.