Does Acquiring More Stuff Hurt Your Character?

In the end, having character is about settling. And I firmly believe one key to the happy life is settling. By settling I mean it’s a decision to no longer be gluttonous. I’m gluttonous in so many ways. Not just with food, but with relationships and praise and money and so many other things. Having good character means settling for what little I have, and participating in life rather than trying to conquer life.

-Don Miller, taken from this post on his blog

Don has written so many good things about living a better story, but this one in particular- this one has really been working on me. Little by little, I'm more uncomfortable -Because it's something that I am terrible about admitting and owning.  Ironic-that "owning" is the word that I chose there.

Owning is such a strange concept for believers, but one that seems to be the catalyst for so many issues with character.  If I really believe the biblical narrative, and the origin of every human to ever walk the earth, it's silly to accumulate and think of this collection of things- even if they are intangibles- as a true measure of who I am.

Here is what I'm learning.  Spending my time obsessing about and collecting the next "thing" will not get me closer to God.  In fact, they may just become the idol that keeps me from truth.  Good character is about consistently choosing to spend my time and energy on things that really matter.