More Technology in Education?

Speaking of technology in education- great post by Cringely

My kids go to the best public school in Sonoma County. I know that because I chose my house based on that research. But when Cole finishes his math problems in a quarter the time it takes anyone else in the class, his teacher has him insert a wait state by putting his head down on his desk. Conversely, when some other kid never quite gets the problem set finished, ever, well he/she never gets a rest and never masters the material, either. The current system is unfair to both kids. The only solution I can see is one teacher per student. And the only way something close to that is going to happen is through technology. And it’s coming.

1 teacher per student seems a little extreme (even if it is just a computer), but I could see how technology could perhaps helps fill in the gaps by tailoring the education to the speed of individual learners.