Struggle is a Regular Part of Life

I like the Bible, the myth and the history, for this reason: It squarely faces the facts of our reality. And what are those facts? Life is utterly and completely brutal. It is devastating and dark. Life is morbid. And the Bible has no problem admitting this. It’s our self-help culture that sticks its head in the ground. -Don Miller from his blog

This feels so spot on to me. It also stands in stark contrast with another post in my daily reading. It was a little painful to read Matt Gemmell’s post last week that started out with a reaction to the religious issue with homosexual marriage and turned into a pretty mean rant against the convictions of those that believe in a spiritual reality that is bigger than the physical world where we live out our physical 70-90 years.

For most of my adult life, I've felt the conflict between the difficult life that every human endures and the overarching gut awareness of deeper meaning and purpose intended for the human soul. Clearly, the physical conditions that I will work through- and what I would consider hard, might be a blessing to others but everyone has their issues.

The physical struggles- poverty, literal hard labor, hunger, addiction, vanity, gluttony - aren’t really the main human struggle. The true difficulty for humans is the need to do something that is meaningful and to find purpose daily.

Life and the meaning that we seek don’t really make sense without God. Without God, there is no meaning and no higher calling. There is no good, or even noble reason to be kind or selfless without God. You can’t even say that there is a difference between right and wrong if there is no God.

I believe that there is a difference between right and wrong.  That difference is what creates struggle.

The human story, like the stories from the bible and more modern stories of people being persecuted in the name of Jesus, have a sense of Good and evil because there is a standard.