Google- not so warm and fuzzy

Quote of the day-

Google is the one company where I don’t feel good about using their products, but have a hard time not using their products.

-Ben Brooks

Lately is seems like Google can barely keep from tripping over their own two feet with announcements and roll-outs and carrier issues and lawsuits.  I, perhaps naively, expected the 'Don't be Evil' thing to somehow carry forward.  I'm just finding that more and more, I agree with Ben.  I'm not a huge fan of Google as a company, but am pretty reliant on a few of their products.

There are certainly things they do right, sometimes better than anyone else. Perhaps inevitably,  as they have grown it has become apparent that they often won't make the not-evil choice, because that would be less profitable for them.

I'm not moving things, just observing.