Daily Carry

Thinking about habits the last couple days got me thinking about the little things that I've done to make sure I don't forget anything and always have what I need on hand. I'm one of those people that almost never misplaces or loses keys, wallets and such. I often say that I'm a creature of habit, but really I just put routines in place to make sure I don't have to think about it. I often will eat the same lunch for 4-5 days straight.

I always leave all the daily carry stuff in one particular place so I won't have to look for them in my hurry to get out the door the next morning.

Here is what I bring everyday-

Wallet by Whipping post, Keys with a small Spyderco knife, a Field Notes Brand notebook, a Copic .35 Multiliner pen, iPhone 4S (not pictured...cause I used it to snap the photo) and a pair of Zagg Smartbudds headphones. I also bring my iPad2 with me everyday, but it sometimes sits in my office if I'm out and about.