Coffee Stuff from 2011

2011 was a big year for me in terms of coffee.  I feel like my ability to brew coffee at home jumped to a whole new level and here are a few of the reasons why- 1. Aeropress

I learned about the Aeropress this year from A great review by Shawn Blanc . It sounded pretty awesome and  it turned out that a friend had one he wasn't using, so even though they are really inexpensive, I picked one up for free.  I think that the quality of the cup that comes from the Aeropress is equal to anything else I've ever tried and it is pretty easy to learn.  It uses a bit more coffee than French Press which is my daily method, so I reserve it for weekends and occasions when I'll get to sit down and really enjoy the flavor.


2. Coava Coffee

Coava is my new favorite Coffee Roaster here in Portland.  They have a fantastic location that is right on my daily commute and they don't even mind me bringing my bike in the front door when I forget my lock.  The coffee bar is beautiful and the pour over they brew with their own filter Kone is amazing.  In addition, they'll use the Aeropress if you ask. In fact they have developed a stainless disk filter for the Aeropress that is pretty slick and a nice little upgrade to the standard paper filter.  You can't see it in this photo, but fairly often there is roasting going on just to the left  of the bar.

3. Bodum Bistro Conical burr grinder

This is a brand new one for me.  I just moved to a burr grinder last week and am loving it so far.  I had been using a blade grinder before and though it works ok for drip coffee, it just wasn't creating a solid consistent experience with either of my preferred brewing methods.  The burr grinder produces a more even grind size with less dusty fine particles to either clog things up and/or mess with the extraction of the beans.  I chose this one because it has received consistently high reviews and the price seems like a reasonable jumping-off point for someone just making this transition.


I hope that these suggestions help and that 2012 is a year of great coffee for you!