Christmas- Thankful

So, here we are, just before noon on Christmas.  A mad fury of wrapping paper, beeping noises, smoke smell in the room from dripping in the oven, Emily's delicious Quiche, coffee made with a new grinder and some comfy new clothes. The boys are alternately building new lego kits or playing on their new iPhones (our old 3Gs models in Otterbox Defender cases)  Aisy has ridden dozens of laps around the great room in our beach house and the wind and rain are raging outside. My dad is pointing out the waves to my daughter and just preparing to put an 18 pound Prime Rib in the oven.  Wait, make that two Prime Ribs.

My Dad, Stepmom, and little sister flew up from Arizona this year and we, along with my other sister Summer and her family are spending 4 days at a beach house in Lincoln City.  I don't think that we've all been together for Christmas since sometime in college-probably around 1995.

I'm really grateful.  God has blessed me in so many ways.  Not only do we have a healthy family and provision for everything we need, we also have kids who are growing up knowing Jesus.  It simply blows my mind when they talk about him, pray to him and begin to show compassion like him.

Thanks God for the gift, and Happy birthday Jesus!