Kindle Tablet

There has been a ton of speculation lately about the notorious, mythological Kindle tablet and MG Siegler finally broke the story with a pretty detailed description of his Hands-on experience.  Sounds pretty uniquely Amazon, which is to say that it is the first real player in the tablet space that stands a chance at not only selling considerable units, but also competing with the iPad. No one else has the built-in customer base and ecosystem that comes along with the Kindle.  I love this bit by MG from another article on TechCrunch:

"Over the past few months, I’ve noticed something strange. Among my geekier circles, I’m always hearing the same question: iPad, or Xoom/Galaxy Tab/Android-tablet-name-here? Among less tech-minded folks (you know, like the majority of the population) though, the question seems to shift: iPad, or Kindle?"

That pretty much nails it.  This new Kindle tablet will just help seal the deal.