iOS Photography apps

Well, anyone who spends much time around me knows that I've always got the iPhone 4 handy and that almost all of my photos go through some bit of processing before they reach the web. I thought that I'd give a brief rundown of what I consider to be my "Camera Bag". Pro HDR for iPhone by eyeAPPS, LLC itunes link

If you commonly use the stock Apple Camera app on the iPhone 4, you are probably already familiar with the concept of HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and, entails multiple photos with different exposure levels being merged to create a single photo with more detail and often a surreal effect. Pro HDR does an analysis of the subject and then takes two photos. It also allows you to import multiple photos and control a lot of the finer details before saving the new merged photo to your iPhone's main camera roll. For instance, the example here has a lot of extra saturation. This is my go-to app for taking landscape photos.

Tiltshift Generator by Art & Mobile itunes link for iPhone, iTunes link for iPad

I love this app! Let me say that again. I love this App!

Have you ever heard of Free Lensing, or a Lens Baby? This lens gives you the ability to simulate a tilt shift lens which is a lens that isn't completely aligned with the film/sensor and creates an image that is only partially in-focus. It is often used to simulate miniaturization and can make for some great ethereal shots. Let me just show some'll see what it does.

Like any processing or effect, too much of a good thing can start to ruin the actual photo underneath...and you could end up with a novelty


Camera+ By Tap Tap Tap. iTunes link

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you go to take a picture with the iPhone is the closed shutter graphic that you get to stare at while you wait for the stock Apple photo app to launch. While there is a fix coming for that (hopefully) in the upcoming iOS 5, Camera+ takes care of it now. Not only does it launch faster, I feel that it also takes some better quick shots with faster shutter response. This might be just my perception, but I've heard the same thing from other folks too.

This app also has a built in light room feature that includes some good editing tools. You can set the app to place all new photos in the light room, or to export them directly to the native camera roll. I have mine set to the latter by default as it is quicker to send them to other apps that way, I do sometimes move photos back into the lightroom for a specific editing tool.

There was also an Easter egg that allowed you to use the volume button as a shutter button in an earlier version that has since been removed. We'll see if Apple allows third party devs to include this functionality in their apps. I hope they do!

Camera Bag by Nevercenter iTunes Link

This is a great app for adding some handy all-in-one filters.  In fact, there a couple of great ones in here that I can't find anywhere else and just fit the bill.  I especially like the "plastic" filter.  It isn't really self descriptive, but adds this really warm, over saturated and high contrast vibe to photos.  It is Especially good on earthy fall and spring colors.

The feature I like most about this app is the simple interface and the quality of the filters.  They stand on their own and don't need a lot of other tweaks.

Instagram by Burbn Inc. iTunes link

I'm not sure that this one really needs another plug, but I use this one all the time so it has to be included.  This app is way  more than just a photo processing app as there is a fantastic sharing community built right in and it interfaces really well with, and imports your contacts from Twitter.  It also has the ability to share to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous,Flickr, Foursquare or directly to any email address. 

The built in filters are great or you can keep things natural with one caveat;  all the pics here are square.  If you took the photo outside of the app and import it to share, you'll need to crop it before sending it out into the world.

Diptic by Peak Systems  iTunes link

Another one that doesn't need much of a description.  This one allows you to create diptychs, triptychs and so on.  The UI is about as simple as it gets.  Drag and drop, and pinch to resize. Cool.

Hipstamatic by Synthetic Corp iTunes Link

Hipstamatic is a funky app that does the vintage vibe really well.  I often pull it out when I sense that the shot is more about campturing the mood than anything else.  One thing that is really unigue to Hipstamatic is that there is no way to import photos and run them through the great filters, lenses and films in this app.  Lots of folks have complained about this, but they've stuck by their guns and clarified that the process of composing the photo with the combo of lens, film, and flash is an integral part of the Hipstamatic experience.  They also regularly update with new accessories. Some are paid, many are free.


So, list complete...At least for now.  I'm always looking for new stuff to try!  I'd love to hear what apps you love to use or any tricks you've discovered for capturing great photos with the iPhone!