Kid free for a day

...well, almost a whole day.  We dropped our kiddos off with some dear friends yesterday afternoon around 4ish and then headed into downtown for the night.  As I posted previously, our anniversary was on Wednesday and as Ems just took on a new job last week, we weren't really able to work in time off right then.  We checked in at the Westin in Downtown where Emily's dad had booked us a room and then we headed off to one of our favorite restaurants for happy hour.  Mother's is a great place for dinner and for  breakfast, but they also happen to make a great Mojito which is her absolute favorite.  They also make one of the better Manhattans that I've tried. We then headed to a movie.  The Time Traveler's Wife.  I was impressed, pleasantly as I hadn't read any reviews and assumed the worst.  Pretty good with getting into the emotional substance surrounding the whole "time-travel" issue.

After the movie, we stopped by The Melting Pot, which was new to me and Emily had tried out an earlier version out in Beaverton Beaverton back in the 90s.  Pretty Pricey and not as good as I expected, but we did only do the Cheddar Fondue.  I could smell the cooking meat from other tables and was quietly jealous...maybe next time.

Back to the Hotel where we got to sleep in...never thought that I'd call 8:30 sleeping in!  We rolled out of the Hotel at around 10:30 and then headed over to the Cadillac Cafe on 18th and Broadway in NE.  Fantastic breakfast and a great conversation on how to modify and be more consistent in our parental we aren't getting the sort of results we'd like to see.

So, all that to say that we had a great time and are doing great after 9 years.  Emily is still my best friend and it is hard to remember life before "us".  Another year to try and be the man I hope my boys will become, the sort of man my little girl will marry and the husband my wife deserves.  Wish me luck!