Today is Caedon's 3rd birthday and he just went to bed after unhappily parting with his new toys with the exception on Mack the truck. The quotes of the day:

1. "How old are you Caedon?"

"I Caedon, I be free"

2. "Where Terra go?" (2 hours after she had left the party, when we left as well)

3. "Happy Birfday to Caedon...Yay for Caedon's birfday!"

4. "Lets get it out Now!" (after opening every present)

5. "Did you have a fun birthday?"

"Yeah, Caedon's birfday is da best birfday."

6. "There were cars on my birfday cake...there all gone...I have to go find em." (when telling grandma Ann about his party on the phone.)

7. " I have all my presents, but they're at my home...but I go find em, but I can't find my home, but I hafta go there, but there's cars in the way so we can't go right now, we can't go my home." (sitting behind cars at a stoplight on the way home from dinner on the phone with grandma Ann.)

8 "My, my, my" (Gavin's word for "mine", growled while reaching for Caedon's cake as Caedon tried to blow out the candles.)

fun day!