dumb thirsty cat

Let me tell a brief story about a change in my cat. His name is Heathcliff and we did not choose to call him that. We adopted him when he was already 5 years old. He is very large and orange. He weighs around 18 pounds. When Emily picked him out, the decision was made because he was a big sleeping ball of hair and she thought that perhaps this was a good indicator of what type of behavior we could expect from him going forward. This assumption was correct.

We've now moved twice since rescuing him from the shelter and he's done quite well both times. Consistent is the best way to describe his whole vibe until recently. When we moved into our house 18ish months ago, Emily said, "Lets put in a cat door to the garage" to which I said, "Sure". Well, we bought the little plastic door contraption that day and I just put it in about a month ago with a sawzall that we rented from Home Depot.

This door has revealed that my cat is indeed stupid. I'd always sort of thought that he might be, but I didn't have conclusive evidence until now.

When we put the door in, that meant that the cat box and his food and water moved into the garage. Of course he is able to find those things, but he has a heck of a time remembering in the middle of the night that his water is no longer in the house. He will hover in the bathroom, waiting for someone to use the toilet and accidentally leave the lid up so he can be disgusting and quench his thirst in the most unappetizing place in the house.

The reason that i'm recording this little recurring incident is that I'm tired of getting up in the night to carry Heathcliff to the garage after yanking him off the toilet where he is defiling himself. He hangs on for dear life and shakes his tail at me before sauntering off into the far reaches of the garage. This is the same shaking-of-the-tail that happens if he walks into the bathroom and sees someone actually using the toilet for it's intended purpose.

The other thing is that all this hording of water is causing Heathcliff to piss nonstop. I'm cleaning out the catbox twoce as much lately.

So, my cat is dumb and my wife is tired of hearing me complain about it and that is why I'm posting it for you.